Loyal Chase Card Services customer… or maybe not?

March 11th, 2010 at 01:06am Under Chase Card Services

I’ve had a Chase credit card for several years now. I’ve always paid off my entire balance in full by the payment due date. I have never had a late fee, finance charge, or interest charge. Well last month, my payment either got lost in the mail or Chase Card Services didn’t apply my payment to my account in time. I would always mail my check at least 5-6 days in advance of the payment due date to give it enough time to be processed. The check is only being mailed to Wilmington DE (and I live 30 miles from Wilmington). So since my payment was a couple days late, I was hit with a $39.00 late fee, a $11.22 finance charge, and a $12.32 interest charge. After seeing these fees on my statement, I called up Chase Card Services to ask if these charges could be removed because I always pay off my balance and I have never had a late payment ever. Well, they refused to remove these charges. You would think they would respect their loyal customers…. well apparently not.

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March 11th, 2010 at 12:47am Under Wendy's

One of the only fast food places that I go to is Wendy’s. I absolutely love their chicken sandwiches. I order the same Combo meal everytime - the Homestyle Chicken Breast sandwich with a small fry and a sprite. But I always ask for ONLY LETTUCE (no mayo, no tomato, no cheese) and for the sandwich to be on a REGULAR BUN.  Sometimes they get my order right, but I’d say 3 out of 5 times they serve me the sandwich with everything but the LETTUCE (so they put cheese & that special sauce on it). Not only that… sometimes they put EXTRA CHEESE on my sandwich.  Now why would they put extra cheese on it? I certainly didn’t ask for any, well here’s why… the REGULAR BUN button on their computer happens to be right next to the EXTRA CHEESE button and the person taking my order will hit the EXTRA CHEESE button instead. So I have to tell them that they made a mistake but they don’t listen and give me the extra cheese anyway. As a result, everytime that I order I have to open up my sandwich in front of them just to make sure that they did not mess it up. But this can be a problem when you are using the drive-thru and you have other cars waiting behind you. So sometimes I have to pull over to the side while I check my order.

I love Wendy’s chicken sandwich, but I hate having to order it.

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Power Windows and Siding - Don’t Do Business With Them

February 20th, 2010 at 06:55am Under Power Windows and Siding

STAY AWAY FROM POWER WINDOWS AND SIDING!!! This company is a RIP-OFF!! ESPECIALLY the window department!!

I had a sales person come to my house to give me an estimate. Well two hours later (YES - Two Hours Later!) he gave me an estimate and I almost crapped my pants… their prices were astronomical. I turned him down, at which point he suddenly came up with several discounts that he could apply, including a low rate that only applied if we committed that day. Just to break down the numbers for you, the prices he gave me were:

$18,000 for a quote good for one year (which would be effected the next day, if we did not decide to sign the papers that day)
$17,000 for a “promo” quote good for one month (until their ad expired)
$14,000 if I signed the papers that day

Mind you that nothing was really actually written on paper - it was more a bunch of numbers scribbled on a piece of paper. Who know’s what the actual figures would be if Power Windows and Siding actually showed up to install the windows.

I do have to say that the sales person’s presentation was informative; I now know what too look for the next time a window sales person comes to my house. But overall….. I RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSE.ANY COMPANY THAT PROMISES YOU A FREE ESTIMATE BUT THEN WILL NOT GIVE IT IN WRITING, PLUS HAS A LOWER PRICE THAT ONLY APPLIES IF YOU COMMIT THAT NIGHT IS SHADY, SHADY, SHADY.

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I hate the Sirius-XM iPhone Application

June 19th, 2009 at 03:30am Under Sirius Satellite Radio

The Sirius XM app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch was launched today in the App Store and sadly, it’s more noteworthy for what’s missing than anything else.

Absent from the new Sirius XM app are a number of the broadcaster’s more popular channels, most notable being Howard Stern, who is the main reason why most people subscribe to Sirius XM. Other channels missing are MLB Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play and Sirius NASCAR Radio.

Sirius-XM is calling the application “Sirius XM Premium Online”. How the hell is this application a Premium version of what you can currently get online? The only thing Premium about it is the additional $2.99 that subscribers are expected to pay in order to use to application.

In any event, this application is an enormous disappointment. Which is too bad because Sirius really could have used these additional subscribers. But without Howard Stern, I seriously doubt anyone is going to purchase this application.

 I found another application that does allow you to listen to Howard Stern on your iPhone - without having to pay any additional monthly fee. It’s called “Pocket Tunes”. Just search for it in the App Store or visit:


It does cost $9.99 to download but there is no monthly fee and you can listen to every single channel available on Sirius and XM.

Join our FaceBook Group banning the Sirius-XM iPhone Application: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=54201031&ref=profile#/group.php?gid=99218120737&ref=mf

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I hate Chase Card Services

June 9th, 2009 at 02:08am Under Chase Card Services

I have a credit card with Chase Card Services and I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years now. I enjoy using my Chase Card because I receive 5 reward points earned on all gas, groceries and drug store purchases. I can then redeem these rewards points for cash or receive gift cards at some of my favorite stores.

Well, here’s what makes me mad. I received a letter in the mail today (June 6, 2009) stating that Chase has automatically updated me to “CHASE FREEDOM”.  Wow this sounds great, who wouldn’t want more Freedom with their credit card company. However, this is not the case. Instead Chase is taking away my Freedom to continue to earn 5 points on all gas, groceries, and drug store purchases. They are lowering my points earned on these purchases to only 3.  Well I am going to excercise my Freedom and switch to another credit card company.

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Where is my Crumb Cake?

May 3rd, 2009 at 07:10am Under Wawa

NOTE: Wawa has since brought back the crumb cake perhaps they read my original complaint below:

Wawa… where the hell is my crumb cake? Everyday for the past 4+ months, I have purchased your crumb cake from your bakery box… and just the other week I stop into your store and found out that the coffee cake has been replaced with a coconut cake. What the f*ck is up with that?  Was the coffee cake not a hot seller? I think it was, because I remember it being sold out of several different stores in the morning. I do not see the coconut cake being sold out anywhere.

I am banning you… Wawa,  from my daily regiment. Until you bring back the crumb cake I refuse to visit your stores.

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You can’t spell CRAP without RAP

May 3rd, 2009 at 06:57am Under Sirius Satellite Radio

This is a hate / love relationship with Sirius. I absolutely love Sirius because of Howard Stern. Without Howard Stern, I would not be able to deal with my hour long commute to and from work. However, I am also a fan of Hip Hop / Rap music and Sirius has a shit selection of Hip Hop / Rap music. Every weekend their Hip Hop stations Channel 40 and 45 feature DJ’s who spin and re-mix music that I cannot stand. I do not want to hear a DJ’s re-mix of a song…. I want to hear the actual songs from the artists. These DJ’s play such horrible re-mixes of songs that you want to shoot yourself.  Sirius…. seriously stick to just playing Hip Hop /Rap music… get rid of these DJ’s who play cRAP.

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I hate PNC Bank

April 29th, 2009 at 01:06am Under PNC Bank

I am selling my car and I still had a balance owed on the loan, so I can’t give the buyer my car until I get the title. So I called PNC Loan Dept in Pittsburgh and talked to about 3 different people and all of them said the fastest way to get the title would be to bring cash to a branch location or if I had a PNC account to transfer money to pay off the loan. So actaully I had my mom transfer money from her PNC to pay off my loan at the PNC Haddon Heights branch. So that was last Thursday. The lady at Haddon Heights branch called me on MOnday and said the loan was paid off and that the title had been mailed and should be received by Wednesday or Thursday (today). So I told the buyer of the car that I should have the title by Thursday (today).

Well the title didnt come today, so I call the Loan Dept in Pittsburgh and I get some different guy today who tells me that PNC company policy states that there is always a 10 business day wait period from when the time the loan is paid off until the time the title is mailed out. No other person at the Loan Dept or in Haddon Heights knew about this and did not tell me this. Not only that, the lady at Haddon Heights never even confirmed with Pittsburgh that the title was sent out. So I dont know where she got her information from. So by her giving me bad information, I then gave that bad information over to the buyer of my car. Now I had to call this person and tell them that I wont have the title today.

So, I gotta wait another week, until April 30th before the title will even be mailed out.

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April 25th, 2009 at 12:30am Under FC Kerbeck

Last summer, I had a very bad experience dealing with the used car dealer FC KERBECK & SONS in Palmyra NJ.  Here are some of the reasons why I hate  FC KERBECK & SONS

  • Typical “price per month” only dealer - they won’t share the real numbers until you sign.
  • They treat you like a NUMBER not a customer - they are only concerned about making their weekly, monthly, yearly quota for number of cars sold. Once they sell you a car, they will forget who you are.
  • Their cars are over-priced - don’t be fooled by their monthly specials and sales. Check the Kelly Bluebook value prior to buying a car from FC KERBECK.
  • They push your hot buttons - their salespeople will play on your emotions especially if you help them by revealing your hot buttons.
  • They will get you to “Buy it TODAY!” - They will go to great lengths to give you the impression that you must buy today or else you will lose the car or the deal or some other thing.
  • They won’t call you back - FC KERBECK never called me once to let me know that my car was ready to be picked up after being serviced. I even showed up to the dealership to find out the status of my car and no one knew where my car was, or if it was ready to be picked up. I told FC KERBECK that I will not come back until someone gives me a call. I NEVER GOT A CALL.
  • Their “Not-So 100% Money Back Gaurantee” - I bought a car on a Wednesday and returned it on Saturday to have a punch list of items to be fixed (which they said should only take 1-2 days). Six days later I still didn’t hear back from FC KERBECK. On the seventh day, I tell them I no longer want the car. They said that since I returned the car for service (service that they originally agreed to do when I bought the car) that it no longer qaulified for the money back gaurantee.
  • Everyone else hates FC KERBECK - No seriously! After I purchased my car from FC KERBECK, I told people where I got my car from and 75% of them said… “What are you crazy?”; “Why would you buy a car from FC KERBECK?”; “I’ve heard bad stories about them.” If you don’t believe it… tell 15 people that you are thinking about buying a car from FC KERBECK, and hear what they have to say.
  • Their commercials are annoying - A dealership that has annoying car commercials will most likely be annoying to deal with.
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    April 24th, 2009 at 12:33am Under FC Kerbeck

    In June 2008, I purchased a used Cadillac from FC Kerbeck. I drove it off the lot that night, despite the fact that a punch list of items needed to be done to the car: A weather strip above the windshield needed to be replaced, the dash needed to be tightened, and the car needed to be detailed. I returned the car 3 days later to have these items finished. They said it would be ready in 1-2 days. However, it took much longer than that. They ended up keeping my car for 5 days and they never called me once to notify me that the car was ready to be picked up. I actually went to the dealer on the 4th day in hopes that the car would be finished. When I got there, no one knew where my car was or had any idea of the status of the car. They told me to stop back the next day. I said I am not stopping back until you call me to notify me that my car is finished. I left my phone number with the salesman to call me to notify me when the car was done. I never received a phone call the next day. By this time it was the Thursday before Fourth of July weekend and I needed the car to go down to the shore. I stop into the dealership once last time and my car was actually there. BUT…. the car had never been detailed (which they agreed to do). After realizing that the car was not detailed, I told Ed Mauer (salesman) that I no longer wanted the car and requested my money back, since they offer a money back guarantee. Ed said that I had the car for over the limit allowed for the money back guarantee. I argued that I only had the car for less than 3 days, and the dealer had the car for an additional 5 days in order to complete the items on the punch list. So the fact that they kept my car over the 5 day limit, screwed me when I wanted to return the car.


    It’s been 4 weeks since I originally bought the car and I am going to sell it already because of how upset I was during the first week of owning the car. If this is how they treat their customers, I don’t even want to imagine how bad they would treat me over the next 5 years of my lease. I am probably going to lose about $5k as a result of this experience, but I’d rather lose that much money than to have to deal with this RUTHLESS Dealership.

    I strongly recommend that NO ONE… I MEAN NO ONE… ever purchase a car from FC Kerbeck. You’re better off going to another dealership and pay a little more than to buy a car from FC Kerbeck. I guarantee that you will have a better experience with a different dealership.

    P.S: The other reason why I hate FC Kerbeck is because they treat you like a NUMBER. You are not a customer to them, you are a NUMBER. They only care about making their daily, weekly, monthly sales quota. They will try every trick up their sleeve to sell you a car. And after they sell you a car and you drive away, they wont remember your name (they may remember your face) but I guarantee after 2 weeks, they will forget who the hell you are.

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