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In June 2008, I purchased a used Cadillac from FC Kerbeck. I drove it off the lot that night, despite the fact that a punch list of items needed to be done to the car: A weather strip above the windshield needed to be replaced, the dash needed to be tightened, and the car needed to be detailed. I returned the car 3 days later to have these items finished. They said it would be ready in 1-2 days. However, it took much longer than that. They ended up keeping my car for 5 days and they never called me once to notify me that the car was ready to be picked up. I actually went to the dealer on the 4th day in hopes that the car would be finished. When I got there, no one knew where my car was or had any idea of the status of the car. They told me to stop back the next day. I said I am not stopping back until you call me to notify me that my car is finished. I left my phone number with the salesman to call me to notify me when the car was done. I never received a phone call the next day. By this time it was the Thursday before Fourth of July weekend and I needed the car to go down to the shore. I stop into the dealership once last time and my car was actually there. BUT…. the car had never been detailed (which they agreed to do). After realizing that the car was not detailed, I told Ed Mauer (salesman) that I no longer wanted the car and requested my money back, since they offer a money back guarantee. Ed said that I had the car for over the limit allowed for the money back guarantee. I argued that I only had the car for less than 3 days, and the dealer had the car for an additional 5 days in order to complete the items on the punch list. So the fact that they kept my car over the 5 day limit, screwed me when I wanted to return the car.


It’s been 4 weeks since I originally bought the car and I am going to sell it already because of how upset I was during the first week of owning the car. If this is how they treat their customers, I don’t even want to imagine how bad they would treat me over the next 5 years of my lease. I am probably going to lose about $5k as a result of this experience, but I’d rather lose that much money than to have to deal with this RUTHLESS Dealership.

I strongly recommend that NO ONE… I MEAN NO ONE… ever purchase a car from FC Kerbeck. You’re better off going to another dealership and pay a little more than to buy a car from FC Kerbeck. I guarantee that you will have a better experience with a different dealership.

P.S: The other reason why I hate FC Kerbeck is because they treat you like a NUMBER. You are not a customer to them, you are a NUMBER. They only care about making their daily, weekly, monthly sales quota. They will try every trick up their sleeve to sell you a car. And after they sell you a car and you drive away, they wont remember your name (they may remember your face) but I guarantee after 2 weeks, they will forget who the hell you are.

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