I hate PNC Bank

Posted by ihatethiscompany on April 29th, 2009 at 01:06am

I am selling my car and I still had a balance owed on the loan, so I can’t give the buyer my car until I get the title. So I called PNC Loan Dept in Pittsburgh and talked to about 3 different people and all of them said the fastest way to get the title would be to bring cash to a branch location or if I had a PNC account to transfer money to pay off the loan. So actaully I had my mom transfer money from her PNC to pay off my loan at the PNC Haddon Heights branch. So that was last Thursday. The lady at Haddon Heights branch called me on MOnday and said the loan was paid off and that the title had been mailed and should be received by Wednesday or Thursday (today). So I told the buyer of the car that I should have the title by Thursday (today).

Well the title didnt come today, so I call the Loan Dept in Pittsburgh and I get some different guy today who tells me that PNC company policy states that there is always a 10 business day wait period from when the time the loan is paid off until the time the title is mailed out. No other person at the Loan Dept or in Haddon Heights knew about this and did not tell me this. Not only that, the lady at Haddon Heights never even confirmed with Pittsburgh that the title was sent out. So I dont know where she got her information from. So by her giving me bad information, I then gave that bad information over to the buyer of my car. Now I had to call this person and tell them that I wont have the title today.

So, I gotta wait another week, until April 30th before the title will even be mailed out.

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