Where is my Crumb Cake?

Posted by ihatethiscompany on May 3rd, 2009 at 07:10am

NOTE: Wawa has since brought back the crumb cake perhaps they read my original complaint below:

Wawa… where the hell is my crumb cake? Everyday for the past 4+ months, I have purchased your crumb cake from your bakery box… and just the other week I stop into your store and found out that the coffee cake has been replaced with a coconut cake. What the f*ck is up with that?  Was the coffee cake not a hot seller? I think it was, because I remember it being sold out of several different stores in the morning. I do not see the coconut cake being sold out anywhere.

I am banning you… Wawa,  from my daily regiment. Until you bring back the crumb cake I refuse to visit your stores.

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