I hate the Sirius-XM iPhone Application

Posted by ihatethiscompany on June 19th, 2009 at 03:30am

The Sirius XM app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch was launched today in the App Store and sadly, it’s more noteworthy for what’s missing than anything else.

Absent from the new Sirius XM app are a number of the broadcaster’s more popular channels, most notable being Howard Stern, who is the main reason why most people subscribe to Sirius XM. Other channels missing are MLB Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play and Sirius NASCAR Radio.

Sirius-XM is calling the application “Sirius XM Premium Online”. How the hell is this application a Premium version of what you can currently get online? The only thing Premium about it is the additional $2.99 that subscribers are expected to pay in order to use to application.

In any event, this application is an enormous disappointment. Which is too bad because Sirius really could have used these additional subscribers. But without Howard Stern, I seriously doubt anyone is going to purchase this application.

 I found another application that does allow you to listen to Howard Stern on your iPhone - without having to pay any additional monthly fee. It’s called “Pocket Tunes”. Just search for it in the App Store or visit:


It does cost $9.99 to download but there is no monthly fee and you can listen to every single channel available on Sirius and XM.

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