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One of the only fast food places that I go to is Wendy’s. I absolutely love their chicken sandwiches. I order the same Combo meal everytime - the Homestyle Chicken Breast sandwich with a small fry and a sprite. But I always ask for ONLY LETTUCE (no mayo, no tomato, no cheese) and for the sandwich to be on a REGULAR BUN.  Sometimes they get my order right, but I’d say 3 out of 5 times they serve me the sandwich with everything but the LETTUCE (so they put cheese & that special sauce on it). Not only that… sometimes they put EXTRA CHEESE on my sandwich.  Now why would they put extra cheese on it? I certainly didn’t ask for any, well here’s why… the REGULAR BUN button on their computer happens to be right next to the EXTRA CHEESE button and the person taking my order will hit the EXTRA CHEESE button instead. So I have to tell them that they made a mistake but they don’t listen and give me the extra cheese anyway. As a result, everytime that I order I have to open up my sandwich in front of them just to make sure that they did not mess it up. But this can be a problem when you are using the drive-thru and you have other cars waiting behind you. So sometimes I have to pull over to the side while I check my order.

I love Wendy’s chicken sandwich, but I hate having to order it.

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